ROAM isn’t just a data feed. 

ROAM is a full-fledged MLS — the most powerful across the state — powering services for four different associations and used by over 12,000 of the 15,000 REALTORS® in Louisiana. 

Are you ready to be in that number?
ROAM provides freedom FROM: 
  • The artificial borders of previous MLSs
  • Multiple MLS memberships, bills and data feeds
  • Several sets of complicated rules to understand and follow

ROAM provides freedom TO: 

  • Have your listing “roam” and be exposed to 12,000 of the 15,000 REALTORS® in Louisiana
  • Choose the software YOU want to use
  • Avoid the pressure to pay something else or change your business practices to take advantage of these benefits
The four entities of ROAM are New Orleans Metropolitan Association of REALTORS®’ Gulf South Real Estate Information Network; Greater Baton Rouge Association of REALTORS®; Greater Central Louisiana Association of REALTORS®; and the Bayou Board of REALTORS®. 

Our primary objective is to deliver the benefits of consolidated MLS services with the least disruption to brokers' and agents' established business practices or routines. 

Our mission remains as it has been for decades – to make the market work.

Your choice of an MLS provider directly affects your clients. 
Choose wisely. It matters.

“Board leadership listened. We had the difficult conversations with other boards around the state to no longer compete separately, for the greater good of our brokers and agents — working together to bring one MLS to our users. 
We feel ROAM will enable us to deliver.”
-Gulf South Real Estate Information Network REPRESENTATIVE
What Does ROAM Offer?
User access to data across the state and the region
A suite of product options to choose from 
Live, local, Louisiana-based support and training
Independent monitoring for compliance


  • ​Common MLS Rules, Regulations and Policies
  • ​Required Cooperation and Compensation
  • ​Data Management Services
  • ​CMA Software & Service
  • ​NAR RPR Software
  • ​Forms Integration
  • ​Public Records Integration
  • ​Mobile/Smart Phone Application
  • ​​Showing & Appointment Software
  • ​Single Sign-On Integration & Security
  • ​Data Verification Software
  • ​Public Facing Portal/Website
  • Listing Syndication Services
  • ​Statistical Information Prepared for Public Release
  • ​Free Leads through the Homesnap App and Website


  • ​Basic training in Core Services
  • ​Technical and Operational Support
  •  Document Services
  • ​Analytics Programs & Reports
  • ​E-Signature Platforms
  • ​Real Estate Form Solutions
  • ​Lockboxes and Keys
  • ​Transaction Management Platforms
  • ​Data Sharing Platforms
  • ​Other MLS-Related Services
"We maintain our commitment to provide options for our members which support the REALTOR® brand, while offering our MLS participants the option to lower their costs as they compete across multiple markets. Being in the central portion of the State, we recognize our jurisdictional territory crosses over into defined markets to the north, the south and the west — requiring our Brokers to maintain participation in more than one MLS to meet the needs of their clients. 

The Association-led effort affords our Brokers the opportunity to participate in one MLS and continue to support their local Association, which provides support and services outside the realm of the MLS.”
-Rhonda Reap-Curiel, ROAM Board of Managers
ROAM provides direct benefits to brokers and agents. 

There is no need to join a new MLS or Association.  
You are cooperation and compensation protected
There's even more, though:

Broad Reach
Listings promoted from Central LA to the Gulf, for the highest chance of a successful sale

Data Storage
Your data, including historical data, is already in ROAM; no learning curves

A Fair Shot
Governance structure allows for all Brokers and Agents to have an opportunity to serve — not just those who "buy in"

With ROAM, You Have CHOICES.
  • CHOOSE which front-end + back-end solution work for your unique business
  • ​Brokers can CHOOSE one platform for all agents
  • Brokers and agents can CHOOSE and suggest new technology for the organization

ROAM Founders 

Our Brokers and Agents shatter boundaries.
Here's how:  
Removing duplicate costs of membership

Not requiring new platforms for each association
Having ONE set of regulations instead of different rules for each MLS

Removing the need for dual entry of listings
Ready to Join?
Regardless of the REALTOR® Association in which you hold membership, 
pay the same price for GSREIN Powered by ROAM.

Receive the expanded MLS benefits of ROAM with NO increase in cost! 
Membership equates to $26.67 per month, or the time periods below.


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